At ProtoXYZ, we want to reinvent manufacturing through technology and disruptive innovation, to help engineers bring their ideas to reality.

ProtoXYZ’s goal is to speed up rapid prototyping through the latest manufacturing technologies and automated online self-services. More and more advanced manufacturing technologies are being developed, and as they do, manufacturers are slow to automate the quotation process. This drastically slows the prototyping process. We aim to fix this by giving our customers instant quotes with high customization for all our services.

Our Team

Founded in 2021, ProtoXYZ is getting into the field of prototyping with a very experienced team of engineers. Our team includes a mixture of engineers with backgrounds in computer science, consumer electronic devices, product development, medical technologies, material science, and manufacturing.

We are very confident with our team’s capabilities that we will soon be a leader in the rapid prototyping space. We plan to do this by utilizing new technologies and providing instant quotes for these services. As we grow, we will expand our manufacturing capabilities to become a one stop shop for all rapid prototyping services.

A New Era for Prototyping

Automation is at the heart of our company. It allows us to offer competitive pricing and keep costs low, making advanced manufacturing processes available for all engineers. Our instant quote engine utilizes advance algorithms to quickly analyze parts, resulting in fair prices and accurate lead times. Our quote times are typically less than 1 second, with maximum quote times of approximately 5 seconds.

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